The Shameless, Shameful, Shamer-In-Chief

Hello again — I’m writing again for Frank’s blog — until I start my own. Thanks so much for taking the time to read, and all comments are appreciated. — Jan By Jan Warrington The day I thought Donald Trump would be expelled from the roster of 2016 Republican presidential candidates was in July, 2015, when […]

This is a full-blown emergency

Donald Trump’s attacks on four freshmen congresswomen of color—his use of the centuries-old insult to the unwanted that they should “go back where they came from”—is nothing less than a declaration of war on our very democracy. True, this attack was racist, painting the women as outsiders because they are not white. Yes, his defenders […]

No Coincidence

It’s a good bet that Donald Trump doesn’t know Nicola Sturgeon, but it would do him a world of good to study her example. On the day he defied mourners by visiting Pittsburgh, the first minister of Scotland, his counterpart, was leading students on a tour of Auschwitz to show them first-hand “what can happen […]

The Inevitable

Who, if I cried out, would hear me among the Angelic Hierarchies? –Rainer Maria Rilke Now Trump’s love of insult and violence has given us this: the massacre of Jews in their synagogue. It was bound to happen. Eventually, inevitably, in this atmosphere created by his demagogic politics. It is not the Holocaust, not even […]

Susan Collins, you’re no Lisa Murkowski

Hello, readers of Starr In Dissent — I’m the guest blogger today (thanks, hubby!), with a piece that I finished earlier this week and one that was written in great fury and sadness. All comments are welcome. Thanks, Jan By Jan B. Warrington A question for Susan Collins: How will you treat your friends who’ve […]

So it has come to this

In the week when Senator John McCain was being praised everywhere but the White House for a lifetime of principle and honor, the president of the United States was talking of violence against Democrats and journalists. On Monday he told evangelists in Washington that if Republicans lost the mid-term election, Democrats “will overturn everything that […]

This is an emergency.

The Trump administration has begun revoking the citizenship of Americans born in the United States, even confiscating U.S. passports at the border, according to tonight’s report in The Washington Post. These include Americans not only born here but who served in the U.S. armed forces, who are Hispanic and were delivered years ago by midwives. […]