Indulging him ‘just won’t do’

Trump shows ‘America First’ is utterly incoherent (Lucas Jackson/Reuters) President Trump addresses the United Nations General Assembly. By E.J. Dionne Jr., Opinion writer, The Washington Post, September 20 at 7:28 PM The worst aspect of President Trump’s speech at the United Nations on Tuesday was not his immature taunting of a dangerous foreign leader when the […]

‘Hitlerian in tone and content’

Trump pushes US closer to war Spencer Platt/Getty Images President Trump speaks to the UN General Assembly in New York on Wednesday. From The Boston Globe By Jeffrey D. Sachs, SEPTEMBER 20, 2017 Donald Trump’s speech to the United Nations on Tuesday moved the world closer to war. The speech was Hitlerian in tone and content, […]

The rooster crows at dawn

Donald Trump was up before dawn this morning crowing like a demented rooster, hysterically announcing his greatness to the sun. While most of his audience still slept, he was busy re-tweeting an employee’s praise of his performance at the United Nations and the fawning replies that that praise received: “President Trump is reminiscent of the […]

In desperation for a victory . . .

The GOP’s last-ditch Obamacare repeal bill may be the worst one yet Republicans have until Sept. 30 to try passing Cassidy-Graham, the GOP’s last-ditch Obamacare repeal bill, in the Senate with only 50 votes under the chamber’s rules. By Michael Hiltzik, The Los Angeles Times, Sept. 18, 2017   The Republican effort to repeal the […]

The Americans who also feel excluded

I came to this country 41 years ago. Now I feel like I don’t belong here. White-nationalist demonstrators surrounded by counterdemonstrators in Charlottesville, Va., on Aug. 12. (Steve Helber/Associated Press)       By Max Boot, September 5 at 7:32 PM Re-posted from The Washington Post Max Boot is a senior fellow at the Council […]

Psychiatrist: analyze not Trump but ourselves

It doesn’t matter if Donald Trump is “crazy” — what matters is whether he can be stopped Trump’s election has unleashed a deep streak of delusional denial in a large segment of U.S. society Excerpted from “Twilight of American Sanity: A Psychiatrist Analyzes the Age of Trump” by Allen Frances (William Morrow, 2017). Reprinted with Permission […]

How it all happened

One day we may ask ourselves—some are asking already—how Donald Trump rose to power. Beyond that, when did his power become so complete that there was no legal way to stop it? Here’s how that history might be written. “[Official] propaganda later built up a legend which represented [his] coming to power as the upsurge […]