Donald, look at you

You’re behaving like a fifteen-year-old. Stop it! You’re going to be president of the United States now. You can’t keep acting like that. I’m treating you like a child? Yes I am, because you’re acting like one.

Listen to me. The top three U.S. intelligence agencies have just told you that the Russians have compromising information about you. The New York Times says they have videos of you with prostitutes in a Moscow hotel. I don’t know whether they do, but I do know that that’s one of the oldest tricks in the Russian book. If you did it, they’ve got it. There’s evidence your people were exchanging information with Moscow during the campaign.

You can’t just blow this off by tweeting, “FAKE NEWS – A TOTAL POLITICAL WITCH HUNT!” And you can’t lie your way out of this and punish the intelligence agencies. We’re on to you. Fewer and fewer of us believe you.

What do you expect when you tweet that Meryl Streep is overrated? With three Oscars and 16 Oscar nominations she’s overrated? Are you crazy? Donald, it’s not working. Kellyanne Conway can’t gaslight forever.

If you don’t stop this behavior–and I don’t think you can–your own Republican party will have to reject you, like the human body rejects a foreign object inside it.

One thought on “Donald, look at you

  1. This is powerful stuff. Donald’s childish behavior can lead us into another war. He has thin skin and can’t take criticism. His cozying up to the Russians has backfired. Now they have the goods on him. Maybe he’s being blackmailed to give the Russians the policies they want. I predict he is impeached or quits before the end of the year. Keep us riled up Mr. Starr.

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