On the morning after . . .

On the morning after Donald Trump’s third Charlottesville statement, the one in which he reversed himself to legitimize American Nazi terrorism, much has already been written about these events. Here is a selection of the best.

Vice News produced remarkable behind-the-scenes reporting on the ground in Charlottesville, both in print and–especially–a 22-minute video that I would call required viewing.

The Washington Post concluded editorially that the speeding car in Charlottesville damaged the entire nation and President Trump’s words, instead of healing, made the damage worse.

The New York Times’ Jeremy Peters explained how Trump’s “many sides” remark reflects the way many on the right see the issues that led to the weekend events.

The former dean of the Yale law school says our revulsion over the Charlottesville events shows why we should not ban hate speech.

Perhaps most disturbing in the flurry of concern over American terrorism is what the Trump administration is doing meanwhile to advance fascist-friendly policies. While most of us were distracted by the horror of Charlottesville and Trump’s three responses, his administration rescinded a grant intended to help combat right-wing extremism, the Justice Department demanded details from a web platform provider about dissenting websites, the administration moved to block an Obama-era path to the U.S. for young migrants fleeing Central American violence, and Trump ordered a rollback of environmental rules to rush through his infrastructure program.

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