While they still can . . .

CNN stars Blitzer, Cooper, Amanpour and others fire back at Trump in day of rage

The president’s desperate need to silence all but the most fawning adoration of him from Fox news has provoked a just response from CNN, as reported in today’s Washington Post.     

Donald Trump’s disdain for the First Amendment and daily attacks on America’s free press are not only a vile insult to hardworking reporters and editors who respect the truth as he does not, but it is an attempt to subvert America’s public opinion into daily acceptance of his big lie.

A population that begins to believe the big lie is a population ready for a totalitarian state.

I spent forty years of my life in journalism, proud of my profession and its devotion to the truth. Our stock in trade was our credibility. If we lost that, we were finished.

Donald Trump lies at will, whenever he wishes. He wouldn’t have lasted an hour on any self-respecting American newspaper, and now he devotes himself to undermining the credibility that all real news organizations have always required of their employees.

Worse, he belittles the danger to their lives many reporters abroad and at home face every day to report the news. Indeed, by doing so he seems to give license to those, like the terrorists he opposes, to target American journalists. Too many have died in their devotion to the truth to have an American president abandon them in that fight.

Facts do matter, Mr. President!

3 thoughts on “While they still can . . .

  1. Excellent. As in Alabama Moore’s denial, screaming Fake News, whenever Trump says these words, we should think He’s Lying.


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