An idea whose time has come

Overheard in a South Florida 7-Eleven today


Business was slow and the clerks were chatting among themselves.

“I think all the school children in the country should stay out of school at one time until Congress and the president get background checks and the assault weapons ban on the books,” said one.

Remember this was South Florida. At a 7-Eleven.

The guy delivering sodas said, “I think that would be legal.”

Florida school children are in a confrontation with Donald Trump over his refusal to mention guns in the context of the school shooting in Parkland. He has scheduled a “listening session” with students on Wednesday, but he and Florida Gov. Rick Scott have refused the invitation of Parkland students to attend the town hall meeting they are attending Wednesday at 9 pm on CNN.

Trump, Scott, and House Speaker Paul Ryan don’t have the courage to face the Parkland students publicly. They have simply refused to consider any action opposed by the National Rifle Association, which powerfully supports their campaigns.

So what would get their attention? Publication of the total amount of campaign contributions from the NRA received in the last five years by each member of Congress, governor, and the president would help. But in the president’s case the NRA’s power comes less from its financial support than from the power the organization holds over his supporters.

A massive, nationwide school boycott lasting several days, even weeks, would certainly bring these do-nothing politicians some unwelcome and embarrassing attention. The Florida 7-Eleven guys suggesting a national school boycott might have a good idea.





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